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    Eco friendly fishing weights

    As a new concept we introduce our large variations of eco friendly fishing weights that have no lead at all and are made of 100% biodegradable materials.

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Biodegradable Fishing Eco Weights

Biodegradable fishing Eco Weights are environmentally friendly, ecological fishing weights that are not made out of the traditional lead or any harmful ingredients to the fish or to the environment. They were made with keeping in mind the angler as well as the environment, without altering your fishing style or paying more? What about if you could also cast further than a traditional lead weight?

The biodegradable Eco Weights have been designed to biodegrade about 99.9% over a prolonged period of time if immersed in water making them 100% ecological. The biodegradable Eco Weights are made from natural materials with only a swivel and connectors being made of metal, which will themselves also, degrade but over a longer period of time.